About Us

Our History

Since 1933, All American Scoreboards has been keeping score for thousands of athletic contests, from World Series games at Yankee Stadium to hundreds of fields, arenas, and stadiums across the United States. All American Scoreboards is a subsidiary of Everbrite, LLC, one of the leading visual identification companies in the world.

Notable firsts include:

  • 1934 – First Single Person Scoreboard Control
  • 1950 – New York Yankee’s First Electronic Scoreboard
  • 1954 – NBA 24-Second Shot Clock Invention
  • 96 Patents Since 1975
  • 9th Generation Products

Why All American

It’s all about dependability, durability, readability, and longevity when it comes to scoreboards. You need a product you can count on from pre-season practices to the playoffs, season after season, year after year.

All American Scoreboards are UL approved and have passed rigorous testing for extreme weather conditions as well as long-term usage. Our scoreboards utilize the same digits and components as used in Everbrite’s petroleum price signs, which are required to run 24/7/365 through all weather conditions. Transparent polycarbonate protective face/digit panels protect from hardballs and vandalism, allowing your scoreboard to operate and look like new.

Our 8000 and 9000 Series control consoles have been rated as the best wireless consoles in the industry by operators and third party integrators across the country who have used all of the major brands from elementary schools to collegiate stadiums. Our consoles are at the forefront in technology (OLED high contrast display, 2.4GHz wireless transceivers, Lithium-Ion built-in rechargeable battery with USB-C fast charging system) and offer intuitive ease of operation and interfacing capabilities, packaged in a heavy-duty, low-profile aluminum enclosure with rubber molded ends.

So, we invite you to take the All American challenge. Compare our products to others in the marketplace. Ask us for local references and then you can make the final call. We are confident our products will exceed your expectations.

Women Owned

Originally registered in 2002, Everbrite is the largest Minority/Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) signage company in the USA. We are a well-regarded manager of Tier I and Tier II programs and qualify for minority owned business suppliers. It is Everbrite’s honor and privilege to actively participate in WBE events at every level.

Green Initiatives

All American Scoreboards creates technically superior, yet simpler and energy-efficient, scoreboards. Our sustainability initiatives are a significant focus for all Everbrite facilities, from the manufacturing of the products to the type of components and materials we use. We also provide a product that is as energy conscious as it can be for the value.

Everbrite LLC

All American Scoreboards is a product line of Everbrite, LLC, an industry-leading sign manufacturer serving the industry for over 90 years. Headquartered in Greenfield, WI with seven manufacturing facilities across the country and a state-of-the-art innovation center. Everbrite is well known for high quality and customers include ExxonMobil, McDonalds, and Taco Bell along with many other Fortune 500 companies. All American Scoreboards utilizes many of the latest technologies and digit designs as used in Everbrite petroleum price signs where 24/7/365 dependability and visibility in all weather conditions is required.

Everbrite has a nationwide installation and service network consisting of approximately 150 certified independent subcontractors for any type of sign or scoreboard installation or service need.